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For over 25 years, Indresano Studios has built a name for itself creating artful, award-winning work with a passion that borders on the fanatical. What started as one individual photographer evolved into a dedicated team of Boston’s finest creatives. As the studio continued to grow, the Indresano team transferred their photography skills into the world of video production. The more videos they created, the more their clients realized the team had a talent for creating artful motion pictures with an aesthetic sensibility and production value that met the same lofty standards as Indresano’s high-end photographic work.

Indresano Studios is now a full-service production company, offering photography, video production, and pre- and post- production services as well as a team of producers to coordinate any project from start to finish. From powerful portraits of world-class athletes and Fortune 500 CEOs to dynamic campaigns of everyday products, Michael and the team work with a diverse clientele who value their dedication to creating high-impact, beautiful work.

The team’s precise attention to all aspects of the production process—from creative concept development, budgeting and scheduling to retouching, video and sound editing, color grading, and graphic animation—makes Indresano Studios stand out in the industry. Their use of a variety of innovative lighting and shooting techniques and the most sophisticated equipment available, combined with their enthusiasm and commitment to creative execution are among the many reasons clients return to the studio again and again.

The state-of-the-art 4,500-square-foot studio is located in the heart of Boston. PDN refers to the space as a “hidden oasis.” Michael’s work has received awards from the New York Art Directors Show, Communication Arts, Creativity International, Applied Arts, PX3, Ad Club Hatch Awards and other top competitions around the world.



  • American Graphic Design Award
  • Prints Regional Design Annual
  • Communication Arts
  • Applied Arts Magazine Photography and Illustration Awards
  • Leader Echo: Direct Marketing Associate International Echo Awards Competition
  • The Mead Annual Show Award of Excellence
  • Photography Masters Cup International Color Awards
  • Creativity Annual Awards
  • Creativity International Awards
  • The Hatch Awards
  • Black and White Spider Awards

Indresano Studios


33 A Street
Boston, MA 02127

Phone: 617.269.2400
Fax: 617.269.2500