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At Indresano Studios, we're more than a bunch of cameras and tripods – we're storytellers who just happen to be head-over-heels for ice cream! With our award-winning team's mastery of photography, we've honed the art of bringing ice cream fantasies to life. With the click of a shutter, we transmute creamy swirls and crunchy toppings into visual tales that'll leave you craving more.

Ice cream isn't just dessert; it's an experience, and we get that. We blend our passion for ice cream with our creative finesse to craft photos and videos that are as vibrant and dynamic as a double scoop in July. Whether it's a towering cone, a cascading sundae, or a spoonful that's just begging to be savored, we're here to make each frame a frozen work of art.

Specializing in ice cream photography, we understand that every swirl, drip, and sprinkle matters - those small yet significant details that turn every scoop of ice cream into a unique work of art. Our obsession lies in capturing these intricate nuances, ensuring that each photograph doesn't just showcase ice cream, but also immerses viewers in the heart of the experience itself. Our studio is where imagination meets ice cream. With a scoop of creativity and a generous sprinkling of expertise, we transform simple ingredients into visual extravaganzas that capture the essence of each flavor. From classic vanilla moments to wild swirls of innovation, we're your partners in framing the extraordinary – one delectable scoop at a time.

Indresano Studios is a full-service production company, offering photography, video production, and pre- and post- production services as well as a team of producers and ice cream stylists to coordinate any project from start to finish.



  • American Graphic Design Award
  • Prints Regional Design Annual
  • Communication Arts
  • Applied Arts Magazine Photography and Illustration Awards
  • Leader Echo: Direct Marketing Associate International Echo Awards Competition
  • The Mead Annual Show Award of Excellence
  • Photography Masters Cup International Color Awards
  • Creativity Annual Awards
  • Creativity International Awards
  • The Hatch Awards
  • Black and White Spider Awards

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