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Photography Service

Internationally awarded and published photographer Michael Indresano exploded into the Boston photography scene in the early 90’s and took the world by storm. Twenty-five years later, his name still sits firmly among the best ice cream photographers in the commercial photography industry. Known for his immaculate attention to detail and passionate drive for perfection, Michael’s photographic work has been admired and praised by celebrated personalities and some of the biggest companies in the world. His impressive client list is a testament to his talent and work ethic.


Our team at Indresano Studios recognizes the importance of a thorough pre-evaluation of any project, especially when it comes to ice cream. Whether you come to us with a completely clear concept, or an idea that you’re unsure of how to execute, we’re here to help conceptualize your project from brainstorming to creating storyboards and scripts.


Our in house production team will transform your project concept from just an idea into a beautiful final series of photos or video. Our production team at Indresano Studios is committed to excellence and offers a variety of pre-production services for our clients.

  • Food/Prop Stylists that specialize in ice cream styling
  • Arranging Client Travel Logistics (booking flights, reserving hotels, etc.)


Our production team works hard behind the scenes to ensure everything runs smoothly the day of a shoot. We are dedicated to making sure every aspect of the production process is covered and that the needs of our clients are always met.

  • Impeccable Customer Service
  • Studio Amenities (meals, client lounge space)
  • Large inventory of state of the art photography and lighting equipment
  • Ultra high resolution image quality
  • Ability to shoot at our ice-cream ready studio


Perfecting your masterpiece is one of the most important parts of our craft. We utilize the most sophisticated software available to make your project stand out amongst your competitors. Our advanced retouching creates beautiful, high quality images that will melt away the competition.

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